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We arrange Janaaza at all Masjid’s that perform Janaaza Prayers in the UK and Europe
We have a 24 hour service & are open on request to all clients 24Hours a day 365 days a year!

We take applications for DWPs

We have facilities for private family viewing’s & Private Facilities for intimate services Including a Mesaab or an Islamic Leader or Imam of your choice
and Imam or Haafeez.

We provide Ghusl or assist in the Ghusl & also have facilities for families to have private Ghusl and use our facilities on the premises.

Our shrouding is from Makkah and soaked in ZamZam water.

We take great pride in providing the finest vehicles available to our clients. Our modern fleet of Jaguar XJ hearses and limousines continue this tradition. They are complemented by two vintage 1930s Austin hearses.

we were amongst the first in the UK to re-introduce the traditional horse-drawn hearses for which the company had been renowned since Victorian times.

Our collection of lovingly restored Victorian horse drawn hearses and mourners’ carriages drawn by immaculately prepared Dutch Friesian horses (better known as Belgian Blacks) are recognised as the best turnout in the UK.

A pair of white horses can be provided if you prefer, either turnout is guaranteed to stop the traffic and provide a stylish send off.

You can just have a simple Hearse or choose to opt for our award winning Traditional Horses and Carriage’s from traditional or modern whatever suits your loved one.